Vivaldi Four Seasons Educational Double Disc Digital


  • Amelia Piscitelli, violin
  • Steve Robinson, narrator
  • Drostan Hall, conductor

An educational companion to Antonio Vivaldi’s iconic work The Four Seasons comprising:

  • Disc 1: Poetry, explanations and excerpts.
  • Disc 2: The Four Seasons music only.

Tax included (if purchased within the USA). This is the digital download edition. Click here for the physical double disc digipak edition.

  • 320kbps / 48 kHz
  • Fully iTunes ready tagged MP3 files
  • Album art included in each mp3 file
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Vivaldi Four Seasons Educational Double Disc
o Amelia Piscitelli, violin
o Steve Robinson, narrator
o Drostan Hall, conductor

Download the Vivaldi Four Seasons twenty page booklet


Stewart Jacoby

Director of Radio Programming, KETV-FM, Corpus Christi TX

“We love this new recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concerti so much, we’ve featured all the tracks at least twice on the air! … This recording is a perfect blend of music and the spoken word … With the voice of Steve Robinson … musically anchored by one of our country’s greatest chamber groups, Drostan Hall’s Camerata Chicago and beautifully laced with the exquisite brilliance of the talented young violinist Amelia Piscitelli. I wholeheartedly recommend this two CD set for everyone’s classical music library.”

Lady Valerie Solti

“For children and adults alike, this recording is a wonderful exploration into Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The performance is first class from young violinist, Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago, led by Drostan Hall, while the narrative from Steve Robinson is highly informative and expertly delivered. I give this recording my highest recommendation.





Telling the story within the music! Vivaldi’s Poetry, seasonal elements and characters are presented here with descriptive narratives and musical examples as depicted in the score of this first piece of programmatic music ever written (c. 1720).

Enjoy this fabulous educational recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons brilliantly performed by seventeen year old violinist Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago conducted by Drostan Hall.

This Double CD set is replete with poetry written by Vivaldi himself and incorporates more than twenty musical excerpts illustrating Vivaldi’s clever sound effects – all beautifully narrated by Steve Robinson of WFMT radio station fame.

Disc 1: Narrator Steve Robinson guides you through this iconic work, season by season, movement by movement, featuring:

  • explanations and descriptive narrative.
  • musical examples with more than twenty excerpts illustrating Vivaldi’s sound effects, elements and characters.
  • Vivaldi’s poetry for each movement of each season and the music itself in context.

Disc 2: Complete recording of the four violin concerti comprising The Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – each of which has three movements. Performed by violinist Amelia Piscitelli.