Valentine Concert

 February 14, 2014
St Valentine’s Dinner and Concert

Emily Frederick Madeleine Hall drostanhall-violin-160x160
Emily Frederick, piano Madeleine Hall, narration Drostan Hall, violin

Internationally acclaimed Camerata Chicago conductor and violinist Drostan Hall, who toured the world as a violinist before becoming a conductor, will give a Valentine’s violin concert.

Prize winning pianist Emily Frederick will accompany Drostan Hall, who will perform delightful selections by Kriesler and Elgar among others. Emily Frederick, a young pianist who recently turned 15, has recently been named “Rising Star 2015” for the Camerata Chicago concert series entitled Rising Star Series. She will also delight you with a Polonaise by Chopin. In addition, a favorite classic the ‘Story of Ferdinand’ will be performed, narrated by Madeleine Hall.

Friday February 14th
: 5:30pm romantic candlelit dinner experience.
Concert: 8:00pm romantic music.
Desserts and champagne will be served during the concert.


Kreisler: Liebersleid
Svensden: Romance
Elgar: Salut D’amour
Massenet: Meditation
The Story of Ferdinand
narrated by Madeleine Hall

A limited number of tickets are available for this romantic dinner and concert soirée at $45.


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