Bartholomew Hall

bartholomewhall-blackhat-9-500x734Bartholomew Hall was born in Grenoble, France and started playing the piano from the ages of 2 because his father, Graeme, sat him down on the piano stool as soon his fingers could be consciously moved, teaching him Twinkle (Twinkle Little Star). Playing the works of other composers never quite fully satisfied, and so he began composing at the age of 9, developing an unique, free and highly rythmic jazz style of his own. His musical heritage includes Isaac Nathan, the “Father of Australian Music,” who worked closely with Lord Byron, and is often credited with having written the tune to “Walzing Matilda.” He was the first to write down Australian Aboriginal music. Bartholomew composed some of his music, such as RainStorm, in the home of his uncle, the orchestral conductor Sir Charles Mackerras. Bartholomew is Operations Director of Camerata Chicago. He retains his Australian citizenship.