Camerata Chicago Academy

The Camerata Chicago Academy was founded in 2014 and there are two orchestras comprising advanced students.

The Academy Orchestra: Advanced high-school students play as a string orchestra.

The Junior Academy: Students aged 8 – 12 playing as a small chamber ensemble.

Camerata Chicago Academy provides a marvelous opportunity for young musicians to perform in a professional atmosphere under the direction of an internationally known conductor, Drostan Hall, Camerata Chicago’s Music Director, who has 25 years of experience of training aspiring young musicians. The objective of the Academy orchestra is to achieve a very high level of music making to produce a disciplined and professional sound, allowing young musicians to learn to work together.

For ten years Maestro Hall conducted the Baroque Festival Orchestra, an accomplished training orchestra for students. Known for its high level, the orchestra garnered two invitations to perform on the WFMT radio show Introductions.

The Academy orchestra is very similar in size and scope to the BFO (see photo below). I invite you to listen to this live broadcast from WFMT’s Introductions of the BFO performing Frolicksome Finale from Benjamin Britten’s Simple Symphony. This broadcast illustrates the experience you will receive in the Camerata Chicago Academy.

Academy Schedule

Download the Academy 2019 Fall Semester Schedule

The Academy Orchestra

Location: Gary Methodist Church, 224 North Main Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
Dates: 2019 Fall Semester start date September 7, 2019 and subsequent Saturdays
Rehearsal Times: All rehearsals take place on Saturdays 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Junior Academy

Location: St. John Lutheran Church, Wheaton, IL 60187
Dates: September 6, 2019 and subsequent Fridays.
Rehearsal Times: All rehearsals take place on Fridays 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Concert Details

The Academy works towards high quality performances each Fall and Spring. The 2019 Fall Semester Concert for the Academy Orchestra and the Junior Academy ensemble takes place on December 7, 2019 at First Presbyterian Church, Wheaton.

See current concerts on our ticket system. Tickets for Academy concerts are only $15 and concertgoers aged 16 and under are admitted free with a paying adult.

Repertoire: Featured repertoire includes music from the Baroque and classical periods and the string orchestra literature. On occasion, sectional rehearsals will be coached by a member of Camerata Chicago. Additionally, solo opportunities will be given to the most outstanding members of the ensemble and outside guest artists may be invited to solo with the orchestra.

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To audition for the Academy, please contact us here, or call 630-221-5555.


The Camerata Chicago Academy Orchestra is the official
Ensemble in Residence at Gary Methodist Church, Wheaton:

Gary Methodist Church
224 North Main Street
Wheaton, IL60187

Academy 2019 Fall Concert



The Academy Orchestra performing at Gary United Methodist Church where they are the official Ensemble-in-Residence.

December 7 Concert Program

Enjoy the beautiful playing of the Camerata Chicago Academy Orchestra comprising excellent young musicians who will perform three concerti.

– Kate Johnston will perform the Bach Harpsichord Concerto in D Minor with the Academy Orchestra, led by concert master Amelia Piscitelli.

– The Academy Orchestra will perform Movt. 1 from Mozart’s Symphony No. 15 and the Academy Chamber Ensemble (six musicians) will perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.

– They are joined by the Junior Academy, a second, smaller ensemble of younger students, who will play the Kuchler Concertino in G Major with young Junior Academy soloist Aleksia Nenadovich.

Purchase $15 Tickets for the December 7 Academy Concert on our ticket system

Tickets are only $15
Students: $5
Concertgoers aged 16 and under
admitted free with online ticket

Video Clip: Mozart Symphony

Watch this fabulous short video clip of the marvelous Academy Orchestra performing Movt. 1 from Mozart’s Symphony No. 15 recorded on November 17, 2019: (60 seconds)

Video courtesy of Carol Johnston. Filmed at Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton.

Concert Repertoire

  • Bach Harpsichord Concerto in D Minor
    Movt. 1 with harpsichord soloist Kate Johnston and the Academy Orchestra.
  • Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 3
    Three movements performed by the Academy Chamber Ensemble comprising Amelia Piscitelli (violin), Tabitha Rea (violin), Sylvia Byars (viola), Luca Warren (‘cello movt. 2 & 3), Charlotte Ries (‘cello movt. 1), Lawrence Hall (double bass) and Kate Johnston (harpsichord).
  • Mozart Symphony No. 15
    Movt. 1 with the Academy Orchestra.
  • Kuchler Concertino in G Major for Violin and Orchestra
    – Movt. 1 with violinist Aleksia Nenadovich accompanied by the Junior Academy.

Video Clip: Bach Harpsichord Concerto

Watch this amazing video clip of the Academy Orchestra and superb harpsichordist Kate Johnston performing Movt. 1 from Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D Minor recorded on November 17, 2019: (90 Seconds)

Video courtesy of Ariane Hall. Filmed at Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton.

Concert Soloists

  • Kate Johnston, harpsichord
  • Aleksia Nenadovich, violin

Kate Johnston, harpsichord; Aleksia Nenadovich, violin

December 7 Concert Information

The Saturday December 7 concert is extremely child friendly, is approximately 1 hour long or so, and there is a cookie reception following the performance during which you can meet and mingle with the artists. It is always a lot of fun.

Bring friends and most of all bring your children and grand-children – and please order 16 & Under tickets even though they are free. Seeing and hearing other young musicians perform in this kind of forum can be an amazing inspiration for them.

Adult tickets are only $15, children are free.

Purchase $15 Tickets for the December 7 Academy Concert on our ticket system

About the Camerata Chicago Academy

The Camerata Chicago Academy comprises two groups – the Academy Orchestra and the Junior Academy ensemble. They are all very talented young musicians who play at a very high level and have given much joy to audiences in the past.

Watch our collection of 15 excellent videos from the Academy Orchestra and Junior Academy Ensemble to see how excellent these musicians are – you will be amazed! See the Academy play the Bach Double Violin Concerto and watch the Junior Academy perform the Hornpipe from Handel’s Water Music and a Bach Minuet. (If you are on the Concerts page some videos are below.)

From Left: Amelia Piscitelli, Kevin Shi, Kate Johnston, Tabitha Rea, Audrianna Hall, Sylvia Byars, Drostan Hall, Lawrence Hall, Charlotte Ries, Luca Warren. Photo taken by Ariane Hall at Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton

The Academy Orchestra

The Academy Orchestra (the ‘senior academy’) is proud to play with Concert Master Amelia Piscitelli, the 17 year old violin virtuoso, who has recorded the Vivaldi Four Seasons Educational Project with the Camerata Chicago professional orchestra. The CD recording is available for purchase in our online store, and is due to be released world wide.

Academy Orchestra 2019 Photo
From Left: Ananya Moses, Drostan Hall, Kevin Shi, Ian Dalmas, Kate Johnston, Abby Gordeuk, Tabitha Rea, Audrianna Hall, Sylvia Byars, Lawrence Hall, Charlotte Ries, Luca Warren. Photo taken by Ariane Hall at Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton

The Junior Academy

The Junior Academy has been going for several years and made its performance debut at the Academy’s Christmas 2017 concert. Some members perform in both the Junior Academy Ensemble and the Senior Academy orchestra.

From left to right: Lawrence Hall, Iselin Byars, Charlotte Ries, Helen Gordeuk, Bella Boehme, Aleksia Nenadovich, Ian Dalmas, Eva Dalmas, Sylvia Byars, Lola Henry, Kate Johnston, Audrianna Hall. Photo kindly provided by our Senior Academy cellist and resident photographer Luca Warren (c) 2019.

Purchase $15 Tickets for the December 7 Academy Concert on our ticket system

Children go for free!

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Camerata Chicago Academy Roster

Academy Orchestra
Musicians Roster

Amelia Piscitelli
Kevin Shi
Tabitha Rea
Ananya Moses
Audrianna Hall
Ian Dalmas
Abby Gordeuk

Sylvia Byars

Luca Warren
Charlotte Ries

Lawrence Hall

Kate Johnston

Junior Academy
Musicians Roster

Ian Dalmas
Audrianna Hall
Abby Gordeuk
Lola Henry
Aleksia Nenadovich
Helen Gordeuk
Eva Dalmas

Sylvia Byars

Charlotte Ries
Iselin Byars
Bella Boehme

Lawrence Hall

Kate Johnston

Kate Johnston, harpsichord

Kate Johnston, harpsichord

Kate is a freshman at Wheaton Academy in West Chicago. She started playing piano at age five and harpsichord at age 11, when she joined the Camerata Chicago Academy. She currently studies under Ms. Marge Lucas at the Bellas Artes School of Music.

Her other passions include playing volleyball and learning French. Kate lives in Wheaton with her parents, brother and two dogs.

She is thrilled to be playing Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D Minor with the Senior Academy this year!

Aleksia Nenadovich, violin

Aleksia Nenadovich, violin, Junior Academy

Aleksia resides in Hinsdale, Illinois with her parents, four siblings and puppy. She is a fifth grader at Veritas Scholars Academy online school.

She began playing the violin at age six and currently studies at the Hall School of Music with Drostan Hall. She also studies piano with Alina Sutterlin and dances at Salt Creek Ballet.

Aleksia speaks Serbian fluently and is interested in learning Russian and French. She enjoys traveling, playing sports, and visiting with family and friends.

Sacred Music 2019



Enjoy the outstanding musical artistry of Camerata Chicago and its new choir performing the Messiah (Part I – Christmas) by Handel with the Hallalujah Chorus. At the heart of our elite choir are some of the top choristers in Chicago. We have four wonderful soloists all conducted by Maestro Drostan Hall:

Robin Wiper, Soprano
Asher Moses, Boy Soprano
Sarah Holman, Mezzo-soprano
Jonathan Johnson, Tenor
Gerard Sundberg, Baritone

Baritone Gerard Sundberg, Soprano Robin Wiper, Tenor Jonathan Johnson, Mezzo-soprano Sarah Holman, Boy Soprano Asher Moses and Conductor Drostan Hall

The Angel: You will be treated to a special appearance of boy soprano Asher Moses who will sing the part of The Angel.

Hallelujah Chorus: At these concerts the Camerata Chicago Orchestra and Choir will perform the famous and celebrated Hallelujah Chorus. We’ll perform it twice – the second time giving you the opportunity to join in for a truly rousing finale to this fabulous sacred music performance.

Preconcert Talk: Renowned musicologist Professor Jonathan Saylor will give a fascinating talk about Handel and The Messiah before each concert. Entry is free for all wishing to attend his 30 minute talk.

November 1 Preconcert Talk: 6:45 pm Chicago
November 2 Preconcert Talk: 2:15 pm Wheaton

We are very grateful to the Tyndale House Foundation and the Savegnago Family Partnership
for their generous support of this sacred music series.

Sponsored by Tyndale House Foundation

Purchase Tickets for Sacred Music Concerts-0730x0050

We have a range of ticket types on our ticket system – select the front rows with a VIP ticket or choose tickets for children. All concertgoers of age 16 and under can go for free with a paying adult! Discounts are available online only, not at the door, so if you have a coupon code please buy tickets online! Click here for details of how to use a discount coupon code.



Tickets Price
Enjoy the concert! Unassigned seats.
Enjoy the concert! Unassigned seats.
Student with ID
A low cost ticket for students with relevant ID.
16 & Under
For concertgoers of 16 & Under attending with a paying adult.
Front rows are reserved for VIP ticket holders.


The concert at College Church is presented by Camerata Chicago. It is not sponsored by or a function of College Church and its events. Text or call: (773) 774-1074

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