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SAVE THE DATE … January 25, 2019 Wheaton College Artist Series with Joffrey Academy of Dance.
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As well as the Camerata Chicago professional orchestra, we also have an Academy with the best young musicians.

The Academy orchestra performs Baroque concerti with young virtuoso violinists! A special treat will be a debut performance by Tabitha Rea and Ananya Moses performing the Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins which captures the essence of youth. They are joined by Amelia Piscitelli and Kevin Shi, who will also perform the lovely Bach Double Violin Concerto.

The orchestra will be joined by the Junior Academy ensemble of 10 young musicians performing Bach, Martini and Handel’s Water Music Hornpipe, completing this concert in Baroque style with double dotted flare. It will be a wonderful string orchestra concert with virtuoso soloists performing baroque lyrical classics, and a great experience for children – who can attend for free.

The Camerata Chicago Academy Orchestra is Ensemble-in-Residence at Gary Methodist Church, Wheaton.

See further details about the Camerata Chicago Academy Concert with photos, videos, musicians and repertoire.

2018-12-academy-concertbutton01Camerata Chicago Academy Orchestra. Photo credit: Luca Warren (c) 20182018 Junior Academy Photo credit: Luca Warren (c) 20182018-12-academy-concertbutton01



Camerata Chicago is a chamber orchestra serving Chicago and its surrounding communities with performances of great music featuring musicians of global distinction. We are committed to providing an incomparable concert experience which enriches the community and inspires the next generation of musicians and concert-goers.

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“One of the top five chamber orchestras in America.”

Shmuel Ashkenasi, Vermeer Quartet


“I was very impressed indeed with the very high quality of the playing.”
The Late Sir Charles Mackerras, CH AC CBE, formerly International Advisor to Camerata Chicago

Buonacorsi Foundation


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