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These CDs feature recordings from live performances, recorded by Eric Arunas of 98.7WFMT.

NEW RELEASE: Mozart Symphonies CD! Nos. 25 & 40.



This Mozart Symphonies CD features two of Mozart’s most famous works, both in G Minor. Symphony No. 25 was recorded by Eric Arunas on January 28, 2017 and Symphony No. 40 was recorded on April 29, 2016.

The two Mozart symphonies on this CD are breathtakingly performed by Maestro Hall and his Camerata Chicago. The music is delivered with great vivacity and bounce, with brisk tempi that never seem too fast but are always energetic. The slow movements are played with grace and a deeply felt passion that engages the listeners at all times and Maestro Hall’s exquisite understanding of the 18th Century style is palpable throughout. The recording itself is beautifully and richly captured by Eric Arunas, one of the finest classical music engineers in the country.  Recordings of these symphonies have been made by the greatest orchestras in the world but it would be difficult to find one as good as this one.” Steve Robinson, Former Executive Vice President, 98.7WFMT.

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Sweetest Day – Music for the One You Love

This Sweetest Day CD features Amelia Piscitelli, 15 year old violin prodigy, performing Svendsen’s beautiful Romance with the Camerata Chicago orchestra.

Mathias Tacke and Rose Armbrust perform the lovely lryical and romatic Atterberg Suite for Violin and Viola. Also included are favorites such as Elgar’s Serenade for Strings and Variations on Thaxted by Blumhofer.

The concert you just heard is as fine a concert that you will hear anywhere, not [just] in Chicago, but anywhere in the world – it’s a fabulous ensemble.
Steve Robinson, Former Executive Vice President, 98.7WFMT. (Speech October 14, 2016).

Suggested minimum donation: $20 or more



This CD was recorded by and produced in association with 98.7WFMT, Chicago’s premier radio station, and features Beethoven’s classic Symphony No. 5 and No. 7. You will hear no finer performances than these.

If your taste in performance of Beethoven symphonies runs to those that are robust, bold, exuberant, passionate, sensitive, lyrical, and above all, played at a very high artistic level you’re going to revel in the two symphonies on this recording.
Steve Robinson, Executive Vice President, WFMT

Suggested minimum donation: $20 or more


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